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I'm an inquisitive Software Engineer currently working at Quest Software, Inc. and creator of this website. I have 4.5 years of experience in developing end-to-end solutions mainly in Java, Spring, React. My repertoire includes programming languages and tools such as Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, Hibernate, Relational Databases, Elasticsearch, Lucene, React JS, and Typescript. Good knowledge of Python and Django web framework. Experience on build tools such as Maven and Gradle.

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Read a file line by line in reverse order in Java

We will write a java program that reads a file line by line in reverse order i.e., from end to start.


How to write to an Excel file in Java using Apache POI

Excel is the popular file format created by Microsoft and we will learn how to write data to an excel file using Apache POI.

React JS

Understanding React Hooks - Part One

React is evolving really quickly and since React 16.8, the new React Hooks have been introduced, which are a game-changer as regards...

React JS

React - Understanding Declarative and Imperative Programming

When reading the React documentation or blog posts about React, you will have undoubtedly come across the term declarative. One of...

Coding Questions

Coding Problem: Validate Subsequence

Give two non-empty array of integers, write a method that determines whether the second array is a subsequence of the first one.

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