JIRA Productivity Tip

This article provides a simple tip for increased productivity while using Jira

JIRA Productivity Tip

Jira has become an important tool for managing projects because of its obvious advantages. Among them, the major one being increased productivity. With Jira, you can track all your deliverables, defects, dependencies with ease and also you can add comments, attachments etc. In most of the organizations, Jira is a mandatory tool for projects to work smoothly.

With this article, we'll show you how to use the tool in a more easy and productive manner by solving one of the obstacles for productivity. Here it is...

Problem - Whenever you have to open a certain ticket in Jira, you need a full URL like - https://jira.organization.com/browse/TEST-01

It becomes cumbersome to type the entire URL every time. (Even though browser history shows the URL if it is already entered once, but again you have to select the URL and replace the ticket Id at the end)

Solution - You can configure your browser in such a way that you can simply enter the ticket id in the address bar and it simply opens up your Jira with the given ticket id. Below are the steps:

Configuring the browser

  1. Go to Settings -> Search Engine -> Manage search engines
  2. Add new search engine under "Other search engines" as shown in the below image                             

    The %s takes the query entered by you, in our case, it will be the ticket Id
  3. The keyword can be anything of your choice.


  1. On selecting the address bar, enter "j+tab". j is the keyword given while configuring.
  2. The search engine changes to your custom configured engine, enter the ticket id and enter.

That's it, you should see your required ticket. Once again, the use is first to enter "j+tab", then the ticket Id.

Thank you for going through our article and keep watching this space for more interesting articles.

Happy Hacking..